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Angelo M. went immediately to our "Bring Back for a Return Visit" list. "

Grady Ormsby,
booking manager, Down East FolkArts Society

"A We truly enjoyed hosting a show for Angelo M. His blend of blues music and storytelling captures the roots of the blues while adding his own charm and showcasing his exceptional fingerstyle and slide guitar playing. . OUR AUDIENCE COULD SEE WHY HES BECOME A FAVORITE ON THE FESTIVAL CIRCUIT AND IT WAS A PLEASURE TO BE ABLE TO PRESENT HIS TALENTS IN A MORE INTIMATE SETTING."

Russ & Julie - Russ & Julie's House Concerts

"ANGELO M. MADE OUR JAWS DROP when he sat down and blistered the frets." "...After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked him, "Does Jorma Kaukonen know about you?"

Richard Cuccaro,
Acoustic Live

"When I first saw Angelo, I was fascinated by his incredible guitar playing, in combination with a warm vocal delivery and solid entertaining songs. Angelo M. is definitely a top crowd pleaser, that immediately captivates large audiences with his Americana sound. An outstanding performer who mesmerizes his audiences with his superb guitar playing and heartfelt working class storytelling."

Fred Cannon
Former BMI Senior VP

"THIS GUITAR WORK SHINES.. the elan of Mississippi John Hurt... the sense of longing shared by wandering singer songwriters since this all began... "


What a tremendous talent! "

Kath Cameron,
HomeGrownRadioNJ (US)

"A Gifted Musician with Incredible Dexterity on finger-picking guitar, slide Dobro and mandolin... After his powerful performance, many people were asking where and when they could see him again. "

Blues News - Kalamazoo Festival Review by Tim Richards (NZ)

"Thirty Years is actually one of my favorite songs on the Roadtrip Nation soundtrack this year. Roadtrip Nation is not just a TV Show, but a movement with an entire life-on-the-road, forward thinking, grassroots culture behind it... The reason Angelo M.'s song Thirty Years is not only in our PBS series, but in the RTN soundtrack as well is because of how well it fits into that culture. When I hear a song that I know I could listen to cruisin' down I-40 in a big green rv, I know it's the right song for RTN. "

Blake Hodges,
Music Supervisor Roadtrip Productions
Creators of the PBS TV Series Roadtrip Nation (US)

"Brilliant Guitarist... Excellent Voice...
Lost, produces goose bumps with a brilliant slide and acoustic guitar,
this song all alone justifies the purchase of the album."

- Rootstime Review (BE)
Click here for full reveiw in Dutch.

****4 STARS " Very good guitar playing, beautiful voice and great songs! I really enjoy listening to this CD. Angelo M's guitar playing is very good and he also has a beautiful voice. My favorite cut is "Thirty Years". Well, he's got a hit in this one. I am sure that my listeners will love that song. It has great radio appeal!"

- Przemek Draheim, Blues & Gospel Radio Host (PL)

"Whether it's his 'delta' slide guitar workings or his 'steel worker' 'blue collar' blues, the color or where you got 'em doesn't matter....Angelo M. plays the blues from the heart. Armed with his dobro, Angelo M. levels the playing field!"

- Mickey Spillane, 91.9 WNTI (US)

"Thanks for coming into the stuido and playing such an Awesome Set.
We'll alwasy be big fans. Thanks so much, Todd and the whole gang at HomeGrownRadioNJ. "

Todd Mills HomeGrownRadioNJ (US)

"Angelo M has a great sense of style. His guitar playing and vocals compliment each other wonderfully! Switching careers and focusing on music at this stage in his life was exactly the right move!"

- Mel Thiel, 91.9 WNTI (US)

"His performances have evolved into multitasking enterprises; he breathes hurricanes through a harmonica, plays the devil out of his guitar, kicks a tambourine propped against his chair and sings when it's convenient."

- Mike Caggeso, York Daily Record (US)

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