Angelo Melasecca
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What Fans Are Saying...

"I heard "Lost" on the WFMT Network. Solid songwriting. A voice rich with undertones. Finger-style and slide mix to a resonance that fits his voice. The octave notes and the slide vibrato create a sound that is soothing yet full. A great piece of folk art, I was inspired. "

- George Armstong, Worth, IL - US

"I can feel Angelo's heart and soul in his music. This is a GREAT sound from a strong man."

- Mich, Mantua, NJ - US

"The CD arrived today and is great. First heard you on CD Baby. Would love to see you live
if you ever come to the UK. Please let us know if you release anything else."

- PC, UK

"This CD just floors me. It stirs emotions, it's edgey, raw, dirty and polished. It's a look into the window of the soul of the man. If I had to pick a favorite (I love every cut) I'd have to pick the emotionally charged "Lost" because it never fails to raise bumps and touch me on a deep level... "

- Rodger Paisley, Downingtown, PA - US

"I just saw Angelo at the Johnstown PA FolkFest! He was the very BEST act there. What a major Talent.
I (along with many other Johnstowners) am a fan and am buying his CD. We hope thatAngelo comes back to Johnsown FolkFest! ...His music is so beautiful and emotionally moving"

- Vicki DiGuardi, Johnstown, PA - US

"WOW, got the CD and heard you at the J-town FolkFest. You were the highlight of the festival this year. You gave the audience a real live lesson in the history of various styles of fingerpicking blues."

- Gregory Rys, Johnstown, PA - US

"I just got home from watching the performance in Johnstown. It was great to see a wonderfully talented man use his God given talent to the fullest of his ablity. Keep on rollin' - Great CD!."

- Geri Lynn Retman, Ducansville, PA - US

"I'm Impressed as all hell with the CD!!!!! Start on another because you are going to go far, hope you don't mind if I claim to have written the ones I steal for my performances. Just kidding!"

- Bob. K., Philadelphia, PA-US

“The CD made me want to put my electric guitar down and start playing fingerstyle/slide again.
Very inspirational!”

- Matt T., Noristown, PA-US

“I just finished listening to this CD again, and I have to say that I really love it more
and more each time I hear it.

- Michele A., Portland OR-US

"What a talent! Angelo's a tremendous musician with a soulful voice and a great selection of music."

-Linda Battiste, Philadelphia, PA-US

"The songs are as rich as any John Prine song and produced with real attention to what makes
music personal, as well as fun. Love this CD."

- Scott W., Naples, FL-US

"I love music and like to support live musicians…but to get there and discover how really good you are was such a bonus! I leaned over several times to comment the boy can really pick. You are one hell of a musician. There were moments when the 12 string reverberated off my soul and filled me with sound and joy…I enjoyed watching you reach out and hold the audience, but I also enjoyed watching the music take you. The intimacy was lovely. Thank you, Angelo for an incredible evening."

- Karen Lautzenheizer, Philadelphia, PA-US

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